Welcome to Gourmet Lollipops

Are you bored of the same old candy and the same boring flavors? Then you have got to give gourmet lollipops a try! With so many exciting, delicious, and creative flavors to choose from, its like a new adventure every time! From Apple Cinnamon to Wild Cherry, you will never get bored.

Gourmet lollipops are the perfect long lasting fat-free snack when your get that craving to satisfy your sweet tooth. At 1.35 inches wide, each lollipop lasts up to an hour of sweet smooth deliciousness.

Not only are gourmet lollipops great as a candy treat, they make excellent fundraiser items. Lollipops stand out among the crowd while everyone else is selling candy bars. The low price makes them great impulse buys. The long lasting treat will advertise itself in a school and have all the peers looking for them.

Gourmet lollipops make great gifts and office sweets. Check out the lollipop tree for ideas!